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  • Anja2016's Personal Experiences

    Lyrics translations for Anja2016's Personal Experiences

    He visitado seis países.I have visited 6 countries.
    Son los Canada, Espana, Italia, Inglaterra, Francia y Alemania.They are the United States, Mexico, Chile, England, France and Germany.
    No soy bravo con la comida, no he comido mucho tipos de mariscos porque no me casi gusta la textura y olor.I am not brave with food, I haven't eaten many types of seafood because I don't really like the texture and the smell.
    Este año yo he estudiado Español por la primera vez.This year I have studied Spanish for the first time, and I have started to teach English in Chile.
    Entonces, yo creo que este año se llena de cambios.So, I believe that this is a year filled with changes.
    Me gusta la comida de Espana. Mi favorita es paella.The strangest food that I have eaten is bison steak, it isn't that wierd!
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