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  • swright15's Personal Experiences

    Lyrics translations for swright15's Personal Experiences

    He visitado seis países.I have visited 6 countries.
    Son los Estados Unidos, Mejico, Chile, Inglaterra, Francia y Alemania.They are the United States, Mexico, Chile, England, France and Germany.
    La comida más extraña que he comido es filete de bisonte no estan si raro!The strangest food that I have eaten is bison steak, it isn't that wierd!
    No soy bravo con la comida, no he comido mucho tipos de mariscos porque no me casi gusta la textura y olor.I am not brave with food, I haven't eaten many types of seafood because I don't really like the texture and the smell.
    Este año yo he estudiado Español por la primera vez, y he comenzado a enseñar Inglés en Chile.This year I have studied Spanish for the first time, and I have started to teach English in Chile.
    Entonces, yo creo que este año se llena de cambios.So, I believe that this is a year filled with changes.
    Yo he ganado un competencia de dibujar hace un año.I won a drawing competition a year ago.
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